High-performance isocyanate-free coatings made affordable.

VeoVa™ Silane Technology

Your customers need high-performance coatings that are isocyanate-free, yet affordable? With our VeoVa vinyl ester Silane technology you can develop and deliver exactly that: a coating with the right balance of performance and cost with a favorable EHS profile. VeoVa Silane technology just WORKS! 

Discover new high-performance binders for protective coatings.

Deliver the right cost-performance balance for your target applications – with VeoVa Silane technology

The unique combination of VeoVaTM vinyl ester and silane monomers in our new technology platform enables you to develop a variety of moisture-curing products with exceptional performance.

Deliver highly customized solutions by targeting specific properties as needed. VeoVa Silane technology enables you to match or exceed a wide range of conventional systems in handling, environmental impact, cost and performance.

It’s more than a technology.

It’s a technology platform where you’re in control.

Pick your application and see how the VeoVa Silane technology can match your needs.

Expectations and performance demands differ from one industry to another. High standards for quality and environmental sustainability are continuously redefined. The versatile VeoVa Silane technology allows you to tailor affordable, isocyanate-free coatings with high performance in terms of drying speed and final properties.

The result is a coating, that just WORKS. 

When structures and machines are exposed to the elements and heavy loads all day every day, you need reliable, sturdy coatings to match the strains on the material and the equipment.

Take advantage of high performance and affordable cost; with VeoVa Silane technology you can deliver durability, chemical & mechanical resistance as well as ease in application, allowing straightforward handling and reduced downtimes.

Meet the needs

of your customers and their markets. Deliver exactly the performance they require.

VeoVa Silane technology offers an optimal solution, giving you control over performance, environmental impact, handling and overall cost.

The unique combination of VeoVa vinyl ester monomers and vinyl silanes allows you to perfectly balance the performance of your coatings.

Coating systems can be formulated with extremely long pot lives, yet with very fast property development, immediately after application. The moisture cure mechanism ensures a quick and efficient crosslinking, and fast development of the final properties. The very short dust-free time and early hardness development allow for a high productivity with either 1K or 2K systems.

Coatings developed as 1K systems simplify handling, storage and transportation and reduce waste and overall cost. The completely isocyanate-free curing processes further reduce environmental impact and provide healthier work environments.

We’re happy to help with any inquiries about our technology. Hexion’s Versatics business has global commercial presence and three dedicated laboratories to help you create and customize your individual coating solutions.

This what you’re looking for?

Find more information in our technical bulletin VeoVa Silane Technology: High-Perform-cance Isocyanate-Free Coating Made Affordable

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