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There's a new defense to protect our utilities against wildfires

ArmorBuilt™ Fire Resistant Wrap

Wooden utility poles have been used for decades to deliver electricity and communications to millions. Yet millions of acres around the world are susceptible to damage due to fire.

ArmorBuilt wrap is a proprietary intumescent fiberglass backed wrap from Hexion that is affixed to utility poles and can be applied to either new or existing poles, greatly reducing the damage done to the pole in a fire.

What is ArmorBuilt?

Hexion has combined its proprietary fire resistant ArmorBuilt resin system with a fiberglass webbing – a good electrical insulator – to create Hexion’s ArmorBuilt wrap. It's an intumescent, fiberglass backed utility pole wrap that helps to provide protection from charring in wildfire situations. Recent wildfire simulation tests revealed no char or strength loss in burn tests with swirling open flame, 12’ up the pole at 2100° Fahrenheit for a duration of 3 minutes.

See ArmorBuilt in action

Cost effective, efficient wildfire protection


  • Can be used to wrap new and existing poles
  • Strong, durable long-lasting material that's easy to install
  • Keeps infrastructure intact


  • Sustainability life cycle
  • Extends an eco-friendly power pole option - wood
  • No harmful volatile organic compounds in application or after burn

Passed the test

  • 3rd party certified “Wildfire Simulation Test” SWrI/EDM
  •  PG&E climbing test
  • Wooden power pole handling test
  • ISO 9001:2015 certified production site

Treated vs. Untreated

After 9 minutes of testing with an open flame and radiant heat in the lab the difference is striking. The ArmorBuilt wrap protects the wooden utility pole from a devastating fire.

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